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What is the best health care policy? 


A typical question without a typical answer. Allow Time Insurance Agency the opportunity to help you protect your best assets, your employees. A local Austin independent insurance agent is available to sit down with you to customize a Health Plan for you and/or your business.


There are many important decisions to make, starting with choosing between an indemnity health plan or a managed care system. With indemnity health plans you pay a percentage of the medical costs, and the insurance company pays the remaining percentage. Most of the time you retain the choice of your own doctors.


Managed Care is the other option. You may know them as HMO or PPO, a health maintenance organization or a preferred provider organization. Plans often offer minimal out-of-pocket expenses. With an HMO you can only go to HMO approved doctors. you may go to a doctor outside the PPO system, but you'll pay more. 



Our Health Insurance Offerings:


Individual Insurance

  • Health- insurance you buy on your own, not through an employer, is considered individual health insurance coverage. With individual insurance, your agent will help you shop for a plan that best suits you. Once you find the perfect one, you will purchase your plan and make all monthly premium payments.


  • Life- there are four types of individual life insurance: term life, whole life, universal life and variable life insurance. We here at Time Insurance Agency will help you find one that is right for you!


Group Insurance

  • Health-insurance provided to employees by an employer is considered group health insurance coverage.


  • With group insurance, your employer may give you a choice of health insurance plans, cover the cost of some or all of your monthly premium, deduct your share of your premium directly from your paycheck, provide you with your plan documents and answer any questions you may have about your plan.


  • Life-insurance offered by an employer to its workers. Because the employer is purchasing coverage on a large scale basis the cost of coverage is typically much less than purchasing an individual policy.


  • Vision-insurance coverage routine eye care and usually accompanies other medical benefits. Vision benefits encourage routine eye exams and help ensure that appropriate treatment is available. 


  • Dental- insurance helps cover the costs of routine dental care for employees.


  • Disability-insurance policy provides coverage for an employee who is unable to work due to a disability. Coverage typically replaces lost income and wages for a limited length of time.