Need a Bond in Austin or San Antonio? 


Time Insurance Agency is one of the largest surety agencies in Texas based on volume of business! We are a full-service surety and insurance agency with a specialization in surety programs for the Construction, Waste Hauling, and Energy sectors.


While we are an Austin, Texas-based company, we handle the surety needs for clients from Amarillo, Austin, Brownsville, El Paso, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Tyler and all points in between. But we don't stop there! We can also help you with your Surety Bond needs in all 50 states! Our experienced staff is ready to help you.


A Bond often requires a lot of documentation. We make sure your paperwork is complete and the surety bond is in your hand on time. Over the years we have developed valuable and solid relationships with many premier surety companies all over the US. We have a proven track record issuing the bonds you need, with a quick turnaround and the personal hands-on attention you deserve. Not only is Time Insurance Agency one of a few in the Austin area that offers TxDOT electronic bidding through Surety 2000, we will also pay for your initial set up fee! 


Time Insurance Agency was founded in 1961 by John P. Schuler, a retired Navy Pilot, with the idea of serving the needs of the Aviation and Construction industries. His son, John W. Schuler, took over the agency from his father in 1985 and has maintained the same commitment to the Construction Industry while expanding it's focus to include the Waste and Energy Industries as well. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction as our core belief. As a locally owned insurance agency, it's Time's lack of bureaucracy that allows us to respond quickly to changes in our clients business and surety needs.


Time Insurance Agency has grown in the Austin area by over 300% in the last 10 years, with an eye on continued growth in the years to come. Our growth has been achieved  by word of mouth from our clients to their colleagues; and through attracting good people with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, who focus on the Surety and Insurance fields. 


The Time Insurance Agency difference is our commitment to your success. We will issue all bid and final bonds within 24 hours if within our authority. We offer full access 24/7 to Surety Division Management and all phone calls, emails and text messages are returned in a prompt manner. Your agent will help with the planning and implementation of a surety program to meet current and future business expectations, continuously providing feedback on current market changes and conditions.


We offer bonding of Federal Contracts including:

  • SBA

  • 8(a)

  • Service Disabled Veteran

  • HUB Zone

  • Joint Venture Agreements

  • Mentor-Protege Agreements

  • Prime-Sub Agreements

  • Teaming Agreements and Partnerships through Joint-Indemnification


Along with the above mentioned, we also offer the following:

  • RFP

  • Contract and Bond Form Reviews for risk mitigation to client

  • Maintaining consistent relationships between surety company personnel and contractor through the use of periodic meetings with management

  • Provide project premium estimates including warranty and time surcharges

  • Extensive Bond Form Library through internal forms and Erlon Library

  • Regulatory updates on surety industry and potential changes to specific surety companies

  • Benchmarking information for client's positioning in their respective industry

  • Maintaining a "Current" surety relationship as well as a strong "Backup" relationship


Contract Bonds

Contract bonds, mostly used in the construction industry by general contractors as a part of construction law, are a guaranty from a Surety to a project's owner that the general contractor will adhere to the provisions of a contract. Included in this category are bid bonds, performance bonds, payment bonds and maintenance bonds. If you are in need of a bond in the Austin and central Texas area we are here to help! In addition to the above bonds we can also help with contract bonds, warranty bonds, commercial bonds, license bonds, permit bonds and notary bonds. Time Insurance Agency is experienced in the surety bond business and has a strong relationship with all of the major Surety and Insurance carriers. We have also cultivated relationships with several specialty carriers to further meet the changing needs of our clients. We carefully scrutinize our company partners for their viability, flexibility, and strength. Some of our partners include Travelers, Liberty Mutual, Zurich, CNA, Arch Insurance Group, W.R. Berkley Corporation and The Guarantee Company of North America just to name a few.









Commercial Bonds

Commercial bonds consist of the wide range of bonds that don't fit into the classification of contract. There are usually four categories: license and permit, court, public official and miscellaneous.

Contractor’s questionnaire for new customers. This is for contract customers only. Not permit bonds.