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Renters insurance protects your personal property in a rented apartment, condo or home from unexpected circumstances such as theft, a fire or sewer backup damage – and will pay you for lost or damaged possessions. It can also help protect you from liability if someone is injured on your property.

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Floor to ceiling protection for your new space and everything inside of it. 

Renters insurance is a form of property insurance that covers losses to personal property and protects the insured from liability claims.1 This includes injuries occurring in your rental that aren’t due to a structural problem. Injuries due to structural problems are your landlord’s responsibility. Renters insurance protects anything from a studio apartment to an entire house or mobile home. Even if you’re just starting out or living in a place for a year, getting a renters insurance policy—probably the least expensive and easiest-to-obtain insurance you’ll ever own—could be a smart investment.


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What does Renter's Insurance Cover?

Renters insurance is an insurance policy that can cover theft, water backup damage, certain natural disasters, bodily injuries and more in a rented property. If you rent an apartment, home or even a dorm, renters insurance is recommended for protecting your space and belongings in the event of a covered accident. 


Medical Payments

Loss of Use

Additional Structures

Personal Liability

Credit Card Coverage

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