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It's Time - February 2021 Newsletter

Updated: May 7, 2021


Winter Storm Uri Is Upon Us

Friends and Neighbors, We write to you as we are experiencing an unprecedented energy crisis. We say unprecedented almost ironically considering a year ago we began using that word to describe the pandemic that left us speechless. Now, like many of you, a majority of our team has been without power and water this past week. While some of us now have access to power and water, others are not so fortunate and are experiencing long periods of freezing temperatures. Many people are reaching out to us for help. Please know that we are working hard to help in any way we can and will continue to do so in the upcoming days. In the meantime, we have compiled a list of resources for warming centers, roadside assistance, and claim information. Resource contacts and information:

  • If you or someone you know need to find somewhere to keep warm, you can find a statewide map of warming centers here or call 877-541-7905.

  • Those in need of help getting to a warming center can call 311 for assistance

  • For outage maps, utility company numbers, information about road closures and other information provided by the Texas Public Utility Commission here.

  • For those in need of roadside assistance, the DPS roadside assistance number to is 1-800-525-5555

  • The Red Cross has also provided several tips for staying safe while dealing with winter storms; those can be found here.


Filing Claims Related to the Winter Storm

The 2021 Storm Uri is expected to be the largest insurance claim event in Texas history. Here are some tips to assist you in the event of a claim:

  1. If you experience water damage due to broken pipes, turn the water off as quickly as possible to reduce further damage.

  2. Report the claim to your agent or insurer. Take photos and videos of the damage and clean-up. Save your invoices and receipts for any supplies you have purchased. If you hire a contractor, be sure to use reputable contractors or plumbers.

  3. Be aware that a storm of the magnitude will easily overwhelm the insurance company adjuster resources as well as plumbers and contractors. Once you have reported the claim with us or your insurer, be patient. Adjusters will be working overtime to get your claim resolved.

Insurance Claims Information

Please look at your policy for a claims contact number or online claim reporting. If you cannot locate or access it, please call us at 512-447-7773, email us at or reach out to your dedicated agent.



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