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How Much is My Motorcycle Insurance Supposed to Cost?

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Whether you've been riding on two wheels since you were a kid or you recently started riding a motorcycle, you might be wondering why your motorcycle insurance cost what it does. The cost of your insurance depends on a variety of things, here's what they are.


One of the biggest variables that affects the cost of your insurance is your location. Colder states with shorter riding seasons tend to have less expensive rates since that usually means less accidents. Larger cities with more obstacles like people and cars is also a factor though, this can translate into a higher rate since there's a larger possibility of having an accident or claim.

Age & Experience

One of the good things about getting older is your insurance rates generally decrease! Younger drivers tend to be seen as more reckless and less experienced, making them a bigger risk for insurers and increasing their insurance rates. Age isn't everything though. Actual experience is taken into account for motorcyclists. Since people get involved at all ages, insurers will ask how long you've been riding, obviously the longer being better for your rate.


Speeding tickets will probably increase your rate, whether it happened on your motorcycle or in your car. You can usually take classes to remove it from your record or wait three years and have it fall off your driving record.


How often you ride can also cause your rate to fluctuate. Casual weekend riders tend to pay less than the full-time rider since there's less chances of having an accident. Also, using your bike for business purposes may make you ineligible for a personal motorcycle policy and require a business policy.

Accident History

Expect your rate to increase if you have had any accideent, moto or auto, on your record. At-fault accidents will generally be costlier than not-at-fault accidents, and most claims will negatively affect your insurance price. If you're curious about how much motorcycle insurance will cost you, get a quote from us at 512-447-7773 today.

Make & Model

Bigger engines means faster speeds means higher rates. The age of the bike also affects the cost of your insurance, a new model being equipped with more powerful and costly equipment, therefore costing more to insure it. The type of bike can also affect your rate. High performance bikes will generally cost more to insure than cruisers.


Many motorcycle insurers check credit, so a better credit rating can add up to money saved on insurance. Remember, getting a quote will never affect your credit score.


Adding comprehensive and collision will cost you more than the state minimum liability coverage. While a liability-only policy will cost the least, it won’t protect your bike from physical damage.We can find the best options for you and offer extra customizable coverages like custom parts/equipment, carried contents/personal belongings, and enhanced injury protection to make sure you're getting everything you need


The higher your deductible, the more of the repair or claim cost you’ll have to take on. That means your out-of-pocket costs will be higher at the time of the accident, but you’ll have a lower overall rate and vice versa.

Call Time Insurange Agency today at 512-447-7773 to get a quote to see exactly how customizing your coverages impacts your rate.


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