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How to Avoid Slips and Falls this Winter

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Temperatures are dropping and winter weather is upon us. That means rain, snow, sleet and black ice on the sidewalks and roads. So before you step outside, consider these tips to prevent slipping down the sidewalk.

1. Traction. Invest in a pair of boots/shoes that have good traction, that means deep grooves and rubber soles.

2. Stay warm. Layer up and wear warm clothing to prevent your muscles from stiffening. Relaxed muscles help you keep your balance and move easier.

3. Look where you're going. Make sure to look where you are going when you are walking outside. Take into account black ice, deep snow banks and other slippery obstacles and avoid them.

4. Clear paths. Be proactive and clear your driveway and walkway when it snows or gets icy.

5. Slow down. Take short steps with your toes pointed slightly outward to maintain a stable base of support.


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