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It's Time - December 2020 Newsletter


Car Theft Is On The Rise- Here's the Coverage You Need to Cover Car Theft

Imagine waking up one morning and going through your daily routine: shower, get dressed, coffee, grab your car keys—but you discover your car isn’t where you parked it the night before. All that’s left behind is an empty space and a sinking feeling in your gut that you won’t see your car again. If you’re the victim of car theft, it’s nothing less than a shock. But not having the right type of car insurance would make matters even worse. Without the right coverage, you won’t be able to recoup your loss. Here’s what you need to know about car theft and car insurance.

Comprehensive insurance will cover these theft-related problems:

  • Replace your stolen car

  • Replace some car parts that are stolen, such as a catalytic converter, but not custom parts or equipment, like an aftermarket sound system

  • Repair damaged caused by a theft, break-in or attempted break-in

Comprehensive insurance won’t cover personal items that are stolen from your car. However, you generally have coverage for stolen items under condo, renters or homeowners insurance.


Say Hello to Our New Commercial Lines Account Managers!

Brandy Blackwell and Setareh Afshar

Brandy and Setareh started working at Time Insurance in September and have hit the ground running! With experience and a strong knowledge of the Insurance industry both Brandy and Setareh are excited to form a strong bond with their accounts and help with any insurance needs you have!!

Brandy Blackwell

4 Fun Facts

  • Hometown: Detroit

  • Favorite Place to Vacation: Where there's sun above and sand below! A nice beach.

  • Favorite NFL Team: Detroit Lions

  • First Concert: Roy Ayers, George Benson, Lalah Hathaway

Setareh Afshar

4 Fun Facts

  • Moved to Austin from Germany

  • Favorite Place to Vacation: La Jolla, CA

  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla

  • Favorite TV Show: Friends!


Winter Weather

4 Tips to Prepare Drivers

When winter weather strikes, drivers face out-of-the-ordinary challenges when they get behind the wheel. Snow, slush or icy roads are involved in nearly one in four weather-related vehicle crashes. If you must travel during winter weather, preparing your car in advance, knowing the forecast and driving based on road conditions are three key ways to help you drive more safely. Following are some winter driving safety tips to help you prepare for the elements – before you face them – on the road.

  1. Preparing Your Vehicle- As temperatures start to drop, it’s time to make sure your car is stocked with a winter driving survival kit, including an ice scraper, a snow shovel and sand or road salt.

  2. Watching the Weather

  3. Driving for Winter Conditions- Before you leave the driveway or parking lot, take time to clear snow and ice off your car, including your windows, mirrors, lights, reflectors, hood, roof and trunk. Drive with your headlights on and be sure to keep them clean to improve visibility. Use caution when snow banks limit your view of oncoming traffic.

  4. Breaking Down or Getting Stuck- If you are unexpectedly caught in a snowstorm and are stranded or get stuck in snow, if your car is safely out of harm’s way, stay in your car and wait for help.

Remember, driving in winter weather can be challenging, even for experienced drivers. Slowing down, allowing increased time to come to a stop, wearing your seatbelt, devoting your full attention to the road and being aware of changing conditions can help you drive more safely. If you’re unsure whether it is safe to drive, consider waiting until the roads improve.


Americans Working from Home due to COVID-19 are Productive and Resilient- But Signs of Strain are Showing

-Survey Conducted by Chubb Insurance

Americans who were fortunate enough to keep their jobs began working from home in mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This group — an estimated 25% to 30% of the workforce — was thrust overnight into a different way of working.

Chubb Insurance wanted to gauge perceptions of the American workers whose home became their workplace. We wanted to understand how they perceived different risks that were new or elevated in a work-from-home environment.

What was their experience? Were they more or less productive? How did they manage work/life balance?

The answers to these and other questions are important even as workplaces reopen. For some who work in large cities and rely on public transportation, the work–from–home environment will continue for some time. Many who are returning to their workplace will continue to work from home part time as part of a staggered schedule. And as business leaders contemplate the workplace of the future, the experiences of people who worked from home during COVID–19’s peak can provide valuable insights about the experiences of workers, the risks they face and maintaining strong mental health and emotional resilience. Survey findings address key issues of productivity, work/life balance, emotional and physical wellbeing, anxiety and perceptions about risk.


Support Local this Holiday Season!

Roppolo's Pizzeria

- John Schuler, President


West Campus: 2604 Guadalupe St

6th Street: 316 E. 6th St and 414 E. 6th St.

Pizza on Wheels: 6th & Neches and Red River

NadaMoo! - Dairy Free Organic Ice Cream

-Setareh Afshar, Commercial Lines Account Manager

Scoop Shop: 1701 South Lamar Blvd.

Sold at HEB, Whole Foods, Central Market and More!

SuperBeets- HumanN

-Brandy Blackwell, Commercial Lines Account Manager

Sold at Whole Foods, Central Market, GNC, Amazon and More!


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