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It's Time - November 2021 Newsletter

7 Common Insurance Claims You Can Avoid this Holiday Season

As Americans prepare to stuff the turkey and deck the halls, homeowners should make sure to avoid common mistakes that cause claims during the holidays. Unlike the fallout from Halloween mischief, holiday insurance claims tend to be caused by homeowners themselves.

Cooking accidents are the most common claims filed during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. As much as we love a deep fried turkey, avoid frying indoors or in the garage and don't ignore the manufacturer instructions for deep frying a turkey... it can cause the turkey to explode and set structures on fire. That's why it's so important to properly insure your home.

Homeowners insurance protects your home, belongings, and offers liability coverage for injuries that happen on your property. There are three main components to homeowners insurance: dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, and personal liability coverage. Here are 7 homeowner claims to avoid this holiday season.

1. Fire hazards

A dry Christmas tree is a fire hazard. Make sure you have a sturdy base to avoid a tipping hazard. If you decorate a tree with candles, don't light the candles. If you are lighting a menorah, have it in a safe place.

Homeowners insurance offers protection against fire damage, but prevention is better than having to file a claim for something that was avoidable. If your home is damaged by fire, homeowners insurance repairs or rebuilds the structure under dwelling coverage. If your belongings are damaged, they are replaced under personal property coverage.

2. Accidents and electrical hazards

Be careful using a ladder or staple gun to secure decorations. Make sure the ladder is stable. Use care securing electrical cords and wires with a staple gun, because improper usage can cause electrical-related accidents. Although homeowners insurance offers personal liability coverage if a guest is injured on your property, it doesn't cover you or your household. You will need medical insurance to cover injuries for yourself and household members.

3. Injuries

Homeowners insurance offers personal liability coverage if someone is injured on your property. Unstable roof decorations fall on people. Be careful attaching lights to gutters, because the gutters can fall with too much weight. Be sure to properly anchor decorations so a strong wind doesn't blow them away or knock them down.

4. Online shopping

Many homeowners insurance policies offer coverage for cyber exposure, also referred to as identity theft coverage. If your homeowners insurance doesn't include coverage for cyber exposure, it may be optional coverage that you can add on. Package theft from your property is usually covered under personal property coverage.

5. Cyber liability

If you accidentally release a virus or say something wrong online, cyber liability coverage helps. In the event of a ransomware attack, cyber liability coverage will replace equipment. If you are sued for saying something online, cyber liability coverage can offer protection. Cyber liability may already be in your homeowners policy or it may be optional coverage. Check with your homeowners insurance provider or agent.

6. Theft

Unfortunately, hosting people for the holidays sometimes means items go missing. Homeowners insurance offers personal property coverage against theft. However, most homeowners insurance policies have limits for high-end electronics, fine art, cash, and special jewelry like wedding rings and family heirlooms. You may want to get separate coverage for those items via an add-on rider or an umbrella policy.

7. Liquor

Homeowners insurance providers might cover hosts for liquor at parties under its personal liability coverage. Check with your agent this holiday season.


Do You Need Travel Insurance for your Holiday Trip?

If you’re traveling for Thanksgiving, you’re likely making plans now. As you’re booking flights, hotel rooms and perhaps buying tickets for concerts or football games, consider adding travel insurance to the menu. It can protect you financially from a cornucopia of worst-case scenarios. Travel insurance reimburses you when unexpected disruptions derail your plans and threaten to gobble up the money you’ve put down for your trip.

A typical comprehensive travel insurance policy will include coverage for:

  • Trip cancellation if you have to cancel before you leave on your trip for unexpected reasons

  • Trip interruption if you have to cut your trip short and return home

  • Trip delay for relatively short, unexpected pauses in your trip

  • Lost baggage and personal belongings

  • Emergency medical expenses

  • Medical evacuation

Deciding If You Need Travel Insurance

Your Thanksgiving travel itinerary plays a role in whether a travel insurance policy is worthwhile.

Generally, you’ll benefit most if you have:

  • Expensive flights, especially ones with connections

  • Other pricey transportation costs

  • Lots of prepaid, non-refundable bookings lined up, such as non-refundable hotel room

Trip cancellation insurance is typically included in comprehensive travel insurance plans but is also sold separately. If you can’t make the flight to Vermont due to an unforeseeable event listed in the policy, your trip cancellation coverage could reimburse you 100% for your prepaid, non-refundable costs. For instance, if you pull your back out by raking leaves and can’t travel, you can make a trip cancellation claim. But if you decide you just can’t bear to feast on turkey with your dysfunctional family, you’re eating the cost of your trip instead.


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