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The Many Ways Valentine's Day Could Go and How We Can Help!

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Break out the bubbly, Valentine's Day is around the corner. And depending on how you plan to celebrate, things could end up going a number of ways. Good news though, we're here to help no matter how the night ends.

You're cooking for bae and things go awry.

You close the oven door on the rack of lamb and saunter over to the bar to open the bottle of Bordeaux. As it's starting to breathe, you smell smoke. You turn around and see that the oven has somehow caught on fire! As outrageous as this sounds, cooking fires are the #1 cause of house fires and a terribly unfortunate way to end Valentine's day.

If this happens to you, grab a fire extinguisher (if it's handy) and put out the flames if they aren't out of control. Otherwise, exit the building and call 9-1-1 immediately. Next, call your insurance company to file a claim.

Before anything like this can happen though, make sure to contact Time Insurance Agency at 512-447-7773 or to get your homeowners or renters insurance today.

You go dancing and you twist an ankle.

Currently single, you head out to meet some friends at your favorite bar. Your favorite song comes on and you and your bestie break out the choreographed dance you made up in high school... but this time you twist your ankle. Oh no!

Unfortunately accidents happen, but you can be proactive and get health insurance before your friends move the Valentine's Day festivities to the ER.

You end up with an engagement ring.

Let's now play out the best scenario, the evening ends with a proposal...and a ring! You're now engaged, in between texting your parents and friends take the time to contact us and request a quote for an "endorsement" on your home or renters insurance to protect the ring. An endorsement is put in place to protect expensive items like that brand new engagement ring. This comes in super handy if it ever falls down the garbage disposal, gets damaged or is stolen, but let's hope that never happens.


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